ahn sohee

Sohee is born on a quiet night in June amongst the fireflies and rolling hills of her grandfather's farm. At night she runs barefoot in the garden, breathing in the heady scent of damp pine, following the twinkling lights as they dance about, her appa's quiet laughter ringing in her ears.

Sohee's mother Stella doesn't like her mother-in-law. Secrets are impossible to keep in the tight living quarters they keep and besides it is barely a secret. So Sohee digs and tickles the sore spots, with that same impatient curiosity that will lead her to put her tongue in Kim Ahri's mouth just to see is so terrifying about kissing another girl. And there comes a look that Sohee will remember, later, as a warning: a you wouldn't want to know that hides the vast ugliness of her parent's past. Of a woman with big dreams, her wings cut and shackled to a life she has no interest in. "The only thing you need to know," says Stella, and isn't that an ominous sentence, a sentence that will turn its back on Sohee and slap her in the face, hard, "is that I love you, and I won't let what happened with your grandmother happen with us." If she had been Sohee at eighteen she would have turned her head away scoffing, but she is Sohee at eleven and she just nods, dutiful, before embarking on a story of the Rat King and the maidens he eviscerates, and does Stella want to see? Stella does.


Sohee's always been a small, spindly thing; wraith-like, she weaves her way through the years with nothing more than the occasional pink hue rising to her cheeks. Her black hair attracts many jealousies, and as the family around her falls apart, Sohee lets her father weave it into delicate braids.

"It's a way of coping," she'll say later, pouring tea out of breakable china. Her grandmother will nod at her and she'll know she understands.

They send her to the city for high school. Where she can attend a specialised school for the arts. She graduates and instead of attending an university for the arts, she applies to all the SKY schools and is accepted into two. To make it in the film industry you must be both talented and lucky, and Sohee wants to ensure that she has a backup plan in case her luck runs dry.
full name; ahn sohee
nickname; mandu
age & dob; 20 / June 27, 1995
sorority; sigma kappa
year; third
major; biology
minor; film production
sports; soccer {right wing}
clubs; photography & film
sexuality; bisexual; 4 on the kinsey scale
aim; ahnattainable
twitter; narcisoheestic

quick facts
obsessively organized;

new york-city of dreams;

to be added as the game progresses

likes; films ((OH LORD, where to begin. art house, blockbusters, monster, lifetime network, classics, and all the terrible, horrible, no good movies. she loves them all. Rest Stop and The Room being her favorites), music (Garage rock and its revivals, shoegaze, post-punk, 90s pop, alt-hiphop, art punk, lo-fi, folk, electroclash -- look. We don't know what to tell you. We could literally go on forever here.) (Brand New is her guilty pleasure--fuck you very much)(, photography, being contrary just to contrary, fireflies, the sound of cicadas, black and white, peach flavored lipbalm, inventive swear words, sunglasses, cat videos, vengeance, monochromatic colors, creative death threats, pistachio flavored ice cream, cigarettes, skeletons, toe socks, people watching, death, feminism, scaring people, affection via death threats, shoulder slapping, unimpressed stares, laughing at your discomfort, having her hair played with, voguing, conspiracy theories, dancing.

dislikes; when people claim to love all music "except rap and country", people touching her shit, pastels, decaffeinated anything, artificial lights, babies, crying, her cheeks, losing, dirty trainers, people moving her shit, being volunteered for things.

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